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i don’t reblog shit like this but this is so good

If I’m reading this right 100+ thousand women want to go someplace specifically because they want to humiliate the servers and to shame their coworkers.

Nobody will reblog this because it’s tumblr and women get a free pass on being absolutely shitty terrible human beings here but I want you to think for a moment about a hundred thousand men on this site flat out confessing:

"You know what I really want? I want to go some place tonight and I want to publicly humiliate a woman and sexually harass her. Maybe I’ll go on my lunch break tomorrow and talk about how I sexually harassed and victimized her to my female colleagues just so they’ll feel the same sense of shame and embarassment."

You would rightly think them a cruel inhuman monster. There woukd be shrieks of feminist rage. People would be holding it up as proof of “why we need feminism”… Unless you were a woman talking about doing that to a man.

Then that shit is straight ROFLCOPTR and all of tumblr laughs with you.

Christ… so many shit human beings in one place. What are we even doing here?

Apparently Chippendales doesn’t exist.

(Source: ultrafunnypictures)

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